Well when I was little I used to watch 20/20 with my mom (now I'm 14) and I remember this one time Barbara Walters interviewed John Lennon's (R.I.P.) murderer Mark David Chapman. Now that I'm in to The Beatles now I want to watch the interview but i can't seem to find it, i can only find the interview in text I just wanted to know if anyone in the pit can help me find the video? BTW don't tell me to go on abc.com because I tried an I live in Canada so it won't let me watch videos from there website, and don't tell me to go to Youtube because I tried there aswell.
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Mark Chapman? Don't you mean Stephen King?

I wouldn't be surprised, that ****ers crazy.
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theres no one talented enough these days to be murdered like this

cause they killed all the good musicians.
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.