How many Unread e-mails do you have?

i have just got my 1000th (I'm proud, which indicates my lack of life), which is why i'm making this thread.

So pit, how many Unread e-mails do you have. Not including Spam, or weekly newsletters from redtube.
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I've hit like 20,000 before I think... The trick is sign up to every single website you can find and sign up for offers and surveys and don't get on for another 6 months...

why dont you just tell PCA that you think their Summer camp is for lame wannabe Rockers??

then you'll have waayy less email
My friend has over 3000 i believe.... He doesn't know how to delete them
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It's not the going that the pit cares about.
It's the coming.
Like 3 or 4
I'll get to them later. I don't feel like reading them now.
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Ive got 754.
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I got over 1000 when I used to auto-subscribe to threads I posted in on here.

Deleting that colossal mess every few days got slightly tedious, though.
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I have like 200 right now... but I've had upwards of 7000. My e-mail consists of notifications that I only check if they pop up while I'm on here. If I'm not, than I'll see whatever they were notifying me of anyways. I never get any real e-mails... Real, meaning, from other people that I know actually sending me messages via e-mail.
i have 10797. ha.
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