I'm asking $350

New guitar is on the way and I'm going to need to eat. So this has got to go, you simply can't get a better guitar at this price. I have invested over $310 in additions (pups + HSC) plus professionally set up regularly and I polish/oil/waxed it very regularly.

LTD Viper 301 (stained black cherry)

The Viper 301 was made before they made the current Viper 400, only difference is they did not come with EMG actives stock, so I had it professionally upgraded with EMG 81/85s with the 18V mod which DRASTICALLY improves headroom and clean tones. I can return it back to 9V myself if you want me to. (pick up set alone is $200 + installation)

STBC is the finish, set neck, rosewood, 24 frets, etc. (I will also be throwing in the ESP hard shell case with it an addition $110 value)

Little dings here and there but in overall good condition.

I'll take some better pics but these are all I have at the moment.

Great playing and sounding guitar the only reason I am selling is because this guitar doesn't really work well for my new band but is a GREAT guitar for Metal/Rock and can do even more with the right amp.

**Schecter - LTD - Edwards - Randall - Framus**
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i saw this on craigslist too, how well does it play? any problems with it?

0 problems. (I just replaced the switch as it was sticking a bit).

Best playing guitar I've ever owned as long as you like the balance.
**Schecter - LTD - Edwards - Randall - Framus**