So, I've been playing classical guitar, and I like it. I've even grown my nails out so I can play correctly. But I'm losing my mind with the long nails. So I've been looking into these finger-pick things like these ProPik things, and does anyone know if this is a good alternative to real nails? Or something similar? Cause I'm really losing it with the long nails I can't stand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Have you tried shaping them at all? I find they catch more if I just let them grow as they normally would - I have to file them to more of a point. How long do you keep them, because that too could cause some irritation. You could try and file them down in increments until you have just enough to play.

I don't like fingerpicks so I can't really say, they sound wrong to me.
You have to deal with what you get. I'd advice finding a shape of nail you like that is not as annoying to you though.


You could take the no-nail approach. You don't have to have nails to play, all you need are your finger tips. I used to play nail-less, it is just as good. The main negative of nail-less is that it is not as loud. If you build calluses on your picking hand it might help solve that problem a little.

Fill them like that with the back of your hand facing you, but with hte pointy more rounded. Instant success. It has to be an ascending ramp from left to right looking at the back of your hand. As in, not the palm, the other bit.
Well, its not that like they feel bad or bring me pain. I just can't stand having or looking at them because they are gross and get in the way of the rest of my life.
Do what John Butler does and get acryllics
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Do what John Butler does and get acryllics

Ah but I'm guessing John Butler wears them all the time and they're done professionally.
The ones you do yourself will easily come off during everyday use, let alone playing guitar. Acrylic nails done at a salon will not only be expensive, but if they get caught and pulled off it will be painful. You can't just take them off when you please.

TS if you don't like them, just let them grow to the end of your finger nad maybe a mm or two over the edge, so if you looked at the palm side of your hand you'd see only a tin bt of nail abovethe finger.
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One time I broke a nail and got a fake nail from Sally beauty supply and it sounded just as good, I left it on for three weeks until my real nail grew back but I think you can easily take those off and put them back on as needed. I use sticky pads to attach them, not glue.