I'm interested in getting a used les paul elitist and swapping out the pickups (to get a more vintage tone). What will help give me a Bluesbreaker-Cream era clapton tone? I've heard burstbuckers suck. Do they? idk thanks
any old paf would do the trick. If you want Gibsons try the 57s' their my fave.
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I would PM CorduroyEW. He has a ridiculously intimate knowledge of pickups.
He'll be able to recommend a set that'll do Clapton. Hell, he might do a custom wind for you.

I completely forgot that he does humbuckers. I keep recommending his singles, but I never remember the humbuckers...
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For that blues breaker clapton tone you need an PAF style pickup with an alnico 2 magnet in the neck and alnico 4 in the bridge. The alnico 2 gives you a gritty spongy tone that can sound boomy on American voiced amps but works very well on british voiced amps. If you are using an American voiced amp I'd go with an alnico 3 magnet in the neck. It won't be as gritty as claptons bluesbreaker tone, but it wont be boomy either. The alnico 4 magnet in the bridge will give you an open bright tone that is similar to modern PAF's except it's not as aggressive.

If money is no object to you then you will want to get pickups wound with plain enamel wire. This gives you a dry tone with better not separation and helps keep that fully cranked amp (which is soooo important for the tone you are looking for) sounding clear. If you are on a budget then settling for poly wire wouldn't be the end of the world but it is going to mean that when you drive the output stage of a tube amp your tone isn't going to be as defined.

If you have the money, My silverback PAF's (not yet on my website) are some of the best PAF's out there. If you are on a budget or you simply don't plan on cranking your amp's master volume to 10 then a custom set of my cool heritage pickups would suit you down to the ground.

Other good pickup combinations for you would be Bare Knuckles stormy Monday in the neck and Mule in the bridge, or you could go to www.sdpickups.com and get one of his platinum series PAF sets.
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Bareknuckle Mules if you can get them. I have them. They are copies of a 1959/1960 PAF. The ones I have use Alnico IV magnets. I needed pickups that would give me THAT Clapton tone and sure enough, these do! I highly recommend them for the Clapton tone. And Tim can wire them with Alnico II, so you could have one with an Alnico II in the neck. But IMO I prefer them with an Alnico IV in the neck, find them to be the best sounding one.
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or you could get a PG Blues set and then tell me what they sound like for that clapton tone


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