hey guys

my bro is in the market for a decent amp, he doesnt know much about amps but his budget is 800-1000. he'll be playing mainly clean stuff and slightly overdriver stuff too (like cream).

im just wondering what kinds of tones can be achieved on the orange tiny terror (i suggested this amp cause i hear its a decent tube amp)

i've watched a few clips and i hear jazz is very sweet also blues is good.

cheers guys
That's a huge budget, I Imagine he'll be able to do better than a Tiny Terror. I don't know a lot about amps either but I'll bump this to help you get some responses. I'm interested in this also.
get the vox ac50 combo

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The Tiny Terror doesn't, IMO, have the headroom for clean sounds. It's great for blues and rock. It's pretty much got the sound its got.
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incredible rock tones from the tiny terror!! i didnt really try the cleans, when i tested it out, had to much fun on the dirty channel!
i recomend him a bugera 333xl half stack or just the 212 combo. the peavy valvekings are awesome too. those are hard rock amps tho. distortions are way more fun IMO. how long has your brother been playing for?
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The TT definitely hasnt got the headroom for cleans!! It does cleans but not at loud volumes. Start to break up very early on.
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Or a vox valvuetronix amp they're pretty versatile.

i'm sick of people blindly recommending this amp without even checking to see whether the TS can afford something better. Its a decent amp, at best, but for "800-1000" (whatever currency that is) i have a feeling he could do MUCH better.

edit: in spite of my little rant, i also have something semi-useful to say: The TT is a great amp for overdrive tones - I'm planning on getting one for my rig so i can A/B between my Laney VC30 (for cleans) and the TT for full on overdrive. But being 15 watts, i wouldn't really recommend getting it as a clean amp unless its just for practice. If you're gigging, i think you'd need at least 30 watts for cleans.
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Cleans and some overdrive? Vox AC30 combo with an overdrive pedal seems like it would be ideal. If he can find one, maybe a second hand Orange AC30. Always buy second hand
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H&K statesman? sounds pretty nice imo.
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thanks for the input guys
i might go try out the tt this w/e
and see if i can find a cheap vox ac30
btw i meant 800-1000 aussie dollars