In a year I'll move from home and start college. That means I must buy a guitar when I get there. I'll be there for 4 years then I'll move back to Sweden. I know that in these four years I'll buy myself an Ibanez JEM 777wh since they are almost 2000$ cheaper in America compared to in Sweden.

My question is, do you think I should save all my money now and buy it right away when I get there? I was set on buying a guitar for about 800-1000$ when I get there but it seems like a little waste since I know I will replace it within the 4 years. On the other hand it won't feel good just using all my money on a guitar as soon as I get there.

I know I won't have a good amp the first 6 months but that is ok since will buy that when I see whether I can play through an amp or not in the college dorms.
Honestly i think for $800-1000 you could get a nice guitar that could last quite a while. If you really want a more expensive guitar, by all means go for it. When in rome, right? I think it depends on which guitar you want more and which ones you like in the lower price range compared to the JEM.