I got AUD$400-500 (US$350-430) to spend on a new amp, nearly any amp will be better than my current one (Vox 15W pathfinder)

Right now I have my sights on the Vox Valvetronix VT30W
but I'm open to more suggestions

I play so many different genres, but I'll show some of the weirder stuff I play so you can give me a suggestion of other amps:

Muse, Audioslave, Cream, Radiohead, Queen, Flamenco songs
also I play classic rock genre bands: ACDC, Jet, Oasis, Powderfinger ect...
but I assume most amps can do this and I have an overdrive pedal anyway

Also take note that I want to use this amp for church so it needs good cleans

help is much appreciated, I'll be trying out amps this weekend - so suggest away!
roland cube 60
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If you can find it a Marshall AVT100 or smaller wattage. A Roland cube is a pretty safe way to go as well.
uhh...can you get something like a blues jr or a pro junior for that money?

id definitely go tube


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Could you snag a used Classic 30 at that price down there?
I would say go with the Vox Valvetronix, excellent amps!

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Could you snag a used Classic 30 at that price down there?

yeah id try for this ^^^^^^^ got mine new..technically used because it got cosmetic damage in shipping for $335, $15 dollars under the TS's budget. you won't be sorry. lol. just look around and you might get lucky like i did. its definitely worth the extra wait. Used C30's are right in your price range and you might find one even as low as $300. thats my 2 cents.
how much heavier stuff do you play? i only ask because the pathfinder is actually quite nice for the classic stuff- unless you can get a tube amp for your budget, which is unlikely, the pathfinder may do classic rock as well (or almost as well) as anything else around your budget- might make more sense to go for a roland cube 30 to handle the heavier stuff, and then use the vox for the lighter stuff. though if you don't play much heavier stuff, a valvetronix is probably better.
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I might have to go a bit over budget for some of the suggestions because I live in Australia and all gear is slightly overpriced because of the importing fees, but mostly because stores take advantage of customers and charge a lot more than its worth...

also I play the occasional heavy song, but in general I don't play much metal but I'd like to have decent distortion because its just fun to play around with, I've played with my friend's roland cube and I liked it, just looking at different options and ppl have said the vox is better is you don't play high gain stuff

I'll look around at some 2nd hand stuff as well this weekend, thanks for all the suggestions!
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