Hey guys.

For sale.

BC Rich USA Ironbird bass. early 90's model bought New old stock last year. Has a few dings but nothing major. Crack near the neck pocket but structurally sound and has been repaired. Plays like butter, Probably my best playing bass currently. Has heavy duty Grover tuners. The finish on the back of the neck is very thin, Feels very nice. The action is very very low.

Really Growly tone. Lighter then it looks.

I have moved the Strap pin to the neckplate and it balances alot better then it used to! It is very very comfortable sitting down. The bass has a great slap tone believe it or not!

This bass will come with the original hardcase. Which is damn rare.

Pickup is from Bristol UK ONLY. I will not post as its far too large.


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Lots of people dislike, if not loathe BC Rich, but I have experience with their high end models. I wish I could get one of these...
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