FS: BC-RICH Eagle bass, in Hot Pink. (Post to the UK Only, or pickup from Bristol)

Hey guys.

Clearing out the last of the BCR collection.

I really dont want to sell this bass as it has been long time the GOTO bass in my collection. It has a slim jazz bass style neck.

Its an NJ series. A number of chips and dings around the edge of the body but the front of the bass looks awesome, Its a sorta luminous pink finish. Gotoh Dimarzio copy P pickup, Really solid Gotoh bridge and tuners.

I am not kidding this thing sounds frikken awesome. Like a P should sound like but with more treble and mid Bite. I have used this bass for Funk and Metal. Doesant sound a bit out of place.

I should also say this thing is VERY light. You can swing it around no problem.

For a very nice vintage Japanese made bass it's only £140 picked up in Bristol or £155 shipped to anywhere in the UK.

I will accept either cash on collection or Paypal from a VERIFIED address. Or possibly a cheque, though i have to wait until after it clears to send the bass.

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Seriously though, I would buy this if I lived in the UK or if I played bass.