This is a true story here, and not just for the sake of being perverted, and I KNOW ITS WRONG and IMMORAL, but its TRUE

it all started when i was in church and while the pastor was preaching the word, i was thinking about all the things i wanted to do to my ex girlfriend, and i went to a completely different world......

May the lord forgive me, for my excessive lust
cuz im thinkin of my ex, and how many times i would bust
the holy message was scrambled, comin into my brain
because i was pitchin a tent, as soon as she came

in the afterlife, i would probably get tortured not eternal peace
cuz while my the pastor was preachin, i was imagining she was on her knees
and although i wish i could make my life rewind
I was also thinkin about, doin her from behind

I hope somehow i can repay the price
because of that thought i had about goin down on her with some ice
It was near collection time, and people was gettin their money ready
At this point, all i could hear was her breathing heavy

The end is near,I shed a tear, cause of embarrassment and oh fear
im bout to rip through these pants and im prayin not here
The benediction comes, while and everybody's clappin
Im back from the clouds after i just went campin'

.......DONT JUDGE ME !!!!!.........
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Kinda made me laugh actually, I don't get the flow of it though, what style of music is it (because as always I i magined it as a RATM style song)? Also is the "Don't Judge Me" in the song? Because that would be a nice ending if you screamed that.
thanks for the tip about the end...

and yeah, i guess you could say its more RATM style, but im trying to figure how to adapt this into a heavy metal or at least alternative rock song

and the end part i'll fix that part later, and if God doesnt like me, then this is why people .....
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