All my icons have disappeared,on msn I'm sending like ZOMG LOOK AT DIS PIC I FOUND OF YOU ON THE INETRNEtz:P it's definitely a virus and the only way i can open the internet is by control alt delete then run program,i've got no toolbar and no desktop icons,no start menu etc.my background loads and thats all.i have no birus protector,because my norton one ran out and now i dont know how to fix it help?
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use ctrl+shift+esc
sounds like your explorer has shut down on you so go file>new task...>and type "explorer"
hopefully your icons and toolbar will pop up again.
and then d/load AVG lol
or u can get ur axe n shove it in ur comp monitor..thus getting rig of ur troubles once n 4 all..then buy a new pc
sg man u are seriously the best.sig it whatever but u just made me a happy man.until this 03 piece of **** crashes again
a little lost.....
So you didn't try it already?
Jeebus Christ...
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it's fixed how did you guys know? what else are some handy things to know in similar situations?
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