GOTCHA !!!!............this aint another thread that belongs on the techniques page......i got this idea believe it or not from this message board and like 2 posts.....and im not done yet !!!!

and although it seems like im writing this like a rap song, its cause i am, and im gonna adapt to some other style later on down the line ..

My fingers begin to move, and they began to type
Like a pen and pencil on the paper when they begin to write
The words flow from, my mouth and my vocals
before i can hear the final version,its already enticed all the locals

the words are just alone, and in need of company
so i write the 1st seven alphabet, and reorganize them a harmony
What id wrote 1st didnt even matter
But the song itself even made record labels start to chatter

...........not done yet !!!!
real stupid, in my opinion anyway. rap noise just doesnt appeal to me.

need to work on making lines same syllable length and stuff. look for typos and stuff too.