don't really know which forum to put this in, but
it probably fits here

Anyone else love the band?
R.I.P. (1997 - 2007)
i absolutely bummed this band a year or so ago, then grew out of them a little, and have recently rediscovered their excellence.

i've started a band recently and they're a massive influence.

their older stuff is great, but, musically, they progressed and matured leaps and bounds when they got to young machetes. that album is genius.

real shame they broke up as i don't think head wound city, jaguar love or any of the side projects are/will be as good. but i still have yet to listen to the jaguar love album in full. so hopefully i'll be wrong.
I haven't listened to the Jaguar Love album yet either but you should
also check out Past Lives if you haven't yet.
Its another band with ex-Blood Brothers in it and they're really pretty cool.
the blood brothers are ridiculous. lyrics are great, the guitar work is absolutely fabulous. classic band. i honestly don't know what to say.
This band is one of a kind, vocals were great and different alot of the members have side projects like Jaguar Love but i still prefer the old Blood Brothers tracks