Ibanez RG150B

I was wondering, it's in my price range and looks pretty good for the money
But I can't find any info on it? :S

Theres no reviews on here, and I can't seem to find any on the internet.
maybe I'll look on the Ibanez site. Still nothing.
Does anyone have one?

I play:
Rock, Metal, Metalcore (Atreyu and stuff)
and bluesy type music.
Aye. That'll do the job for your tastes. Maybe not the blues as much, but with some nicer more versatile pickups you could get it.

Try and find out the wood its made of, steer away from agathis and basswood.
Most Ibanez guitars are pretty good for rock and metal, and if you do some tweaking you should be able to get some nice blues tones with it. i would say go for it, seems like a pretty good deal.