So, I'm looking to buy an amp for my not yet bought Squier Strat, and, originally , I thought a Roland microcube, but I'm looking for somethig around £30-£40, with good ish distortion/overdrive.

My genres are All Rock, and a tiny bit metal.
Although i'll be hunted down for this, marshall MG10/15 Dfx CDR is a good amp :P I adore mine, and there really good amps, also try looking for 2nd hand amps in music stores, can get more for your money, i mean the amps arent in horrible condition 3/4 of the time anyway.
Save up a little more and get a Vox Valvetronix, probably the 15w one.
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Sounds like you're a beginner just get a practice amp loads of people say roland amps a re very good i have a little marshall mg10 i am very amp with it. Maybe look at orange practice amps. Vox is a step up. Just get a practice amp for 40 quid
i was gonna suggest a marshall MG15 DFX as that's what i have and it's got everything you could ever want (including distortion, delay, reverb and other effects) and is a bargain for £80 but as you wanna pay £30-£40 i'd suggest spending a little more and possibly getting a Marshall MG10CD for £45 i know that has a distortion/overdrive button.
alternatively you can pick up a Laney LG12 for around £40, i believe that has a distortion feature too.
it just depends on the make you want.
i mean, yuou COULD go to your local cash converters or equivelant type shop and pick up an average amp for £15-£25 but they're usually makes i've never heard of and have a cackly sound but sometimes you can get a little jem of an amp in there too. my mate bought a vox DA15 a couple of weeks ago for £35 when they retail at £90+ and it works perfectly. it's just they hardly ever have anything decent at a decent price.
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Save up a little more and get a Vox Valvetronix, probably the 15w one.

Them things are meant to be quite good.
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Save up for the Microcube or look for a used one, buying anything cheaper is a false economy because you'll be horribly disappointed and want rid of it within a week.
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