Hi guys, i imagine there'll be some guitar techs on here with plenty of spare things

Well yeah, as title says i need 3 pots, all 500k. Assuming that 500k pots are more accurate and responsive than the 250k ones.

One needs to be push pull, and the other two can be normal.

Can anyone do me a really nice deal? I'm pretty poor atm.
You can get the normal ones and maybe even the push pull from radio shack and theyre about three bucks a piece. Or just look at any online music store under parts or something. post are one of those things thats so cheap its not worth getting them used. Musicians friend would probably have everything you need for about $20 including shipping.
just checked MF dimarzio makes push pull 500K for 14 bucks and the regular ones are 6-10 dollars depending on shaft size.
Yes, thanks a lot.
But as i have said, i am not exactly rich, and was hoping to pick up all three for around £5-£10. thats 10-20 dollars.

I could buy them seperately from the music shops, like i have checked, but it will cost more.