hi, im using a marshall mg50 along with a boss me multi fx pedal. when i have the od channel up over about 6 (and volume on boss me at 10) there is a realy anoying, pretty loud "fuzz" type noise.

would i be right in thinking that if i put a noise gate pedal after the boss me this would stop most of fuzz

thanks alot, andy
probably but fuzz can mean two things here. If you mean the hum when your playing that drives every guitarist crazy yes a noise gate will help but only when your not playing. The buzzing can also refer to the speaker and the amp has been blown so it buzzes when you play. If it's the first one just do that and I think you'll be good.
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Sounds like you're pushing the amp too hard with the ME. Turn the volume down on it.
wen i use it with out boss me the amps fine and if i turn down the volume on the boss me it lower the gain on the od channel

i think il run down my local music shop n give a noise gate a go

thanks for the replys