It's just of barrage after barrage with notes, but I guess it classifies as shredding.
And the background is annoying...
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Sorry man, but that was just bad. It was far too chromatic, almost like you were literally hitting random notes as fast as you could. Shredding is about speed, but hell, stick to diatonic notes.
Despite the fact that all the feedback I have recieved thus far has been very critical of my performance and negative towards me, I would like to thank you all for at least taking the time to view and rate my video!!!! I appreciate it alot!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
Yeah, they are right for the most part.

Shredding can be done very well and sound very good... but this seems a little to soulless. I'm still one that feels that shred can have soul (points to buckethead), however this seemed robotic. There were no notes that sent shrills down my spine... no sections that stood out. It was fast... but that was about it. I mean, I can barely sweep... so I can't critique technique or anything... but I can say that there wasn't anything memorable in that... you need to find some sort of hook in the playing (holding a bend with some vibrato to give it some feeling, a repeated part that might make one think of tears or something... hell, I don't know)... I hate to use the word "chorus" since shred is about lead guitar, but you need some sort of something that I can come back to and point to and say, "there... that was it, it had a melody of some sort and it caught my attention." this was just too A-melodic... too sporadic to qualify as anything more as blaring notes at 100000000 notes per second.

Hope that helps in some form.

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THANKS for the feedback and to all who viewed my video, I really appreciate it. I would love to hear more comments on it, and if you watch it PLEASE rate it, and tell me what you think

You obviously have skill, but its just a mess the way you played it, you could do A LOT better!!!!
I'm sorry, but I hate it when guitarists do this, just play fast for the sake of playing fast, that's not what shred is about, it's about putting emotion into speedy guitar playing, that was just a vomit of ill-sounding crap. I'm sorry to be so blunt about it, but in all honesty, I think you could do a lot better with the techniques you used there, look at Necrophagist, they shred, but it has structure to it, and it goes somewhere. Hell, even some bands like Behemoth who don't play 1000 NPM have great solos, they use speed tastefully, and also have hooks and memorable licks in there too, with some great melodies, and again, adding to and evolving the song.

Apologies for the wall of text, but I wanted to give you a clear presentation of my thoughts when it comes to shred. I myself don't usually shred through a whole solo, because it just gets boring for myself and the audience, just playing fast for a whole solo, it has no feel to it, and I find it hard to do it passionatley, so I use some slower phrases quite often, to set the tone, and then use some sweeps and tapping every now and then, to keep variety, and because they can sound cool when used tastefully. I'm not making myself out to be a guitar god or anything here btw.

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I've gotta say that I agree with most of the replies but not completely. It would be wrong to say that it was completely soulless but there should have been some letting up. I also think that it would have held a lot more ground if it had some rhythm behind it. Sometimes notes that sound average or just random can speak wonderfully over the right rhythm. This is much of what I think the problem was. Although it had much skill involved, it really had no spine and thats how important it is to have a good rhythm behind a lead. Also had no structure or pattern really which is what people found most disappointing I think. So if your asking me my opinion about how good it was musically, I would say awful, but if your asking me how skillful it is, I would say extremely. Two completely different things.
Thank you all for the feedback and constructive criticism. I really am glad you guys were at least civil about it, and if you liked it, feel free to pass it on and show it to anyone, that would really help me out.