last year in my history class, this girl named jordan would ask retarded questions. like "i didnt know egypt was a country." and "taco's arnt mexican. there french right?" it would bug the crap out of me. i almost went crazy and almost got up and beat the crap out of her. and i know she wasnt retarded because she made good grades... but its like she was in first grade and skipped them all until she was a freashman
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You sir are a dick!
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And then again, Wildthang, "You're probably NOT one of them clean Socialists, either"

your mom
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Of course I don't wanna go in the woods. There's bears in there.

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Jeff Ament is a sexy sexy beast.

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Yes. Chest hair = automatic awesome. Even if you're a woman.
Fact: Retards can/do get good grades in our school system.

There are a million of those types around here, a lot seem to idolize Paris Hilton. It's pathetic.