Can someone tell me some chords that sound good in distortion

besides power chords and bar chords
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besides using powerchords and bar chords

Few chords sound good with even a fair amount of distortion, including barre chords. The third of the chord sounds muddy, and therefore so does the entire chord.
well you need to have a nice clean sounding distortion too if u plan on playing chords with it. A, C, and E sound nice
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play an A chord with heavy distortion or a G chord. at least i think a G sounds good. i know an A is like a power chord but play all 5 strings.
5ths...also known as power chords. Sounding "good" really isn't something specific. Chords that can sound like **** by themselves can sound amazing relative to another chord in the progression. Just like one chord might sound amazing to you and terrible to me, or the other way around. Just play the low E string open and move from open on the A to the 11th fret on that A string. That way you'll get all the intervals and you'll find out which of those immediately sound good to you. Octaves and fifths are your best bet, then maybe thirds or 7ths. Just play around with it. Just remember, distortion emphasizes dissonance dramatically.
Power chords.
Even major and minor triads, the only chords in which all intervals contained within are consonant, will sound extremely dissonant and muddy with any significant level of distortion. It takes a good ear and a good deal of knowledge to make them sound good (e.g. Steve Vai's Die to Live, or Petrucci's Damage Control)
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all chords sound good if you don't use too much distortion. thats a big problem alot of people with distortion have. they use too much and then anything other than power chords get muddy. if you insist on using too much then you can always palm mute arpeggiations