"Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother****ing basses on this mother****ing plane!"


So Im flying in a few days and Im taking my bass guitar(5str) with me, now Ive been told before to release string tension so my neck wont warp or snap.
But Im thinking that If I release the strings it will change the tension anyways and would still need truss rod adjusting.

YOu shouda gotten one of them traveler basses.
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Quote by morphixxx
take it as hand luggage?

to ****ing big

if it's in a case how can it be warped?
Quote by Carmel
I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

I call BS on the loosening of the strings. Unless your storing it for long periods of time, it won't matter much. Leave it, it will be fine.
I would slightly loosen the strings and ask to take it as hand luggage. I have seen people do this on cross country flights and I did it with a guitar once. Call the airline beforehand to confirm that you can do this though. I'd be wary in checking my bass through as normal luggage.

Those mother****ing basses! Everybody strap in!
I wanted to take a guitar with me, but they said I'd need to buy a plane ticket for the guitar which is ridiculous.
i would say that providing your hardcase is flightcase standard you shouldn't really have any problems. You can always tweak before you use it when it comes off the plane.

I always tweak my bass before i play it live, just so that it feels right you know what i mean.
i am always traveling and i always take my bass or my guitar as hand luggage
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Cool thx.
Ive taken my first bass onboard a plane before and Ive loosened the strings but when I retuned the bass it needed a setup.
Btw you can take it as hand luggage and store it at the stuartist's closet(yeah they have one, people sometimes put their jackets and blazers there.).
I have flown with my bass about a dozen times. When you check in, tell the person at the counter that you would like to check the bass at the gate. What I found is this - with a hard case, they'll take it from you at the airplane door and tuck it somewhere safe. When you land (deplane, as they say) it will be sitting outside the door, waiting for you patiently. If you have a soft bag they'll probably have you stick it in the overhead bins, which are totally big enough.