Guys, i bought some new strings about a fornight ago, but the A broke.
Is it ok to put the old A back on (i havnt thrown them out yet?)
Or will the guitar explode or something
if your guitar explodes, then you bought some damn faulty strings :P

but no it should be fine, unless you didnt like cut the old strings up to put new ones on, but the new old A that u put on won't sound or feel as good as the newer strings.
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Personally I'd just go to a guitar shop and shell out for a single new string.

But no, nothing bad will happen; the string police won't bust through your window and confiscate your instrument.
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How old is the A? It might break if you try and string it up again

I would just buy new.

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Yes, the guitar will explode.
Just buy a new string.

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Just put it back on.
Not a big deal.
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