So, I need some help. I want to build a nice fuzz pedal, and I found a nice schematic on the internet. It looks not to hard to build and I'm sure it's gonna sound good.


I'm a bit of a noob, and I don't know how to read schematics. Can someone please put this into a clear layout OR help me with reading this scheme?

If you help me I'll name the pedal after you

Edit: I forgot to put the schematic in it
Here it is
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Well, I can't make a PCB because I don't have the stuff to do it. Couldn't I use a piece of stripboard?

yeah sure, though you'll have to make your own layout a bit. You can probably get away with following the PCB layout posted there and just moving a couple of traces around and remembering where to cut it. To what I can make of it you could do it from that layout with only one jumper used (at the 1uF capacitor)

or just use perfboard and follow the layout
O.O thank you so much.
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