Hello folks...
I'm playing bass guitar for like 2 months now and started with a starters pack with an adonis precision bass guitar and an Ibanez BSA 10 bass amplifier.. I really like the guitar but the amp is kinda weak and I can't get much volume out of it.. So I decided that I'm going to buy a new amp with good sound and volume so I can make my bass as loud as the electric guitar amps from my friends so we can play together more and better!
I don't want to spend to much money on it so the max price i want to pay is 200/250 euro's!

Thanks in advance!
Greetz, Frankv120
Looks nice but I think my parents won't allow me to buy one which costs that much so any other (cheaper) suggestions?
rofl.. sorry i didn't see the price was in dollars xD
and the 325 dollars are like 220 euro's