do any of you have this guitar?
im looking at one used w/hardshell case for $550
is that a good deal?
just give me a fender and let me rip
That's about $518 in US Dollars. I don't know what guitar resale values are like in Canada, but I think you could do way better. I'd say you could get one for around $400 US dollars, if you look hard enough.

Are you looking on Ebay or local? Usually thinks are cheaper locally, so try newspapers/craiglist if you aren't.
its on craiglist
he says it has been sitting in the case at his parents while he has been at college
and aside from a couple 'very small, very shallow dings' by the volume nob, its in perfect condition
just give me a fender and let me rip
I got a C-1 Classic with one small ding that came with a really nice gig bag for $360 USD. I'd imagine being in a similar price range that they're used values would also be similar, although if I got it with a hardcase it'd probably be more around $400. But $550 Canadian seems pretty high.