I need some help in pricing my Crate amp. Its a Crate GT1200H head with a Crate GT412 cabinet. Ive had it for about a year and a half and it is in perfect condition. Anyone know what this would go for??

I think i paid about $750 for both.
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What about just the cabinet?

Maybe $200 for the cab. Try listing them on craigslist if you can. You never know.
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Put it on CL. Say $300 for the cab, and $300 for the head, but BOTH for only $500! See who bites.

You are a marketing genius, sir.
I have the exact same amp, i got it free with a guitar.
I think new the halfstack cost around 500 or so.

I think if you could get 250 out of it you did good.
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