so i've got an empty room in my basement, and i was thinking about moving my computer and stuff into it and using it for doing recordings for my band. my question is, what are some cheap ways to soundproof the room, or at least bring the noise level down so my family dosent get pissed?
I heard something about lining the walls with egg boxes...
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the egg crate style mattress pads work really well. carpet is a must have.

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Yes my friend has lined up his walls with egg boxes and it's a cheap alternative indeed. It's obviously not better than soundproofing mats but it can get the job done!
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you can hang thick blankets or curtains on the walls.
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Egg cartons are cool. But it takes A LOT of them. They work wonderfully. But really....you need like three layers if you're planning on playing at any volume, and that's a lot of egg cartons.

I had one layer in my basement for a while, and it cuts out some of the sound, but it doens't work when you have a full band in the room. I'm assuming 3 would work better.
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Yeah egg boxes will work fairly well, I know someone who covered the whole inside of a shed with them and it seemed to work.

Basically you need a soft porous material, as this will stop sound waves from rebounding off the walls and will have a large surface area without taking up lots of room.

One of the best soultions is what actual recoding studios often use - sponge.
inch thick foam sheets on the walls and roof, carpet or rugs on the floor, shouldn't be too much cash
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Can you use those foam pads you put on beds? If so you can use those.
Egg cartons can work.

Egg cartons can work.

Egg cartons can work.

if you do it right.
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Ive heard people use slot together foam mats used for wrestiling and martial arts, theyre pretty cheap from the right places and seem to work well
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I'd also like to know. If anyone has any experience soundproofing a room, speak up.
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I'd also like to know. If anyone has any experience soundproofing a room, speak up.

You need something to throw the sound waves, so anything textured (Mattress Foam, Egg Cartons) will work. Coat the walls with them. However, if you can afford it, build a smaller room within the room, and then sound proof that. That's for true sound isolation.