Hey, first post in here...
I play acoustic for almost 2 year's now, and I don't use a pick, just fingers to strum chords/powerchords, solo's and fingerstyle parts all with fingers... it's just when I use a pick it's not comfortable to me... and I can say I play songs quite good now, just my rhythem could get better... (my rhythem is alright... but i can't play like this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysi5MIpvj9M )
Now my question is should I use a pick to strum like this?...
Thanks in advance...
two more question... what are the advantages of playing with a pick? should I really try to use it?... thanks all...
Thanks Emily... what do you mean by attack? sound? clearence? anyway I hope it will come naturelly to me sometime...
btw using my post for another question... the open version of Cm

How should I hold this?! I can't figure it out...
Picks are definitely uncomfortable at first. It's usually better for speed and chords. If you want to be able to strum like the guy in the video you'll have to learn to use a pick. the sound that a pick makes is very different from the sound of strumming with fingers. Fingers give a softer sound. Picks give a harder and more defined sound.

Attack is the initial sound that the guitar makes when you pick(or finger pick) a string. After the attack is the sustain(the sound that the instrument continues to make until you dont hear anything).
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i recommend just doing x35543 for Cm.

learn how to use a pick, i started learning with one because my fingers weren't used to abuse. now i can do both.
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Alright thanks... I'll work on strumming with a pick...
and about... I know how to do Cm... I'm just looking for a diffrent sound of it...
you could try 8-10-10-8-8-8 i'm pretty sure that's a Cm as well.
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as far as picks go, i totally feel better now with a pick. i was like you half a year ago. but once I started getting faster with scales I realized my fingers weren't cutting it. now I'm very comfortable with a pick and prefer using it.