use the pentatonic? there isn't much you can do except learn how to make solos fit in different styles of music.
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Well, i thought if there was something that'd would be good to think at that would make it a little easyer.
I like the solo on the Misfit's "Descending Angel". Very easy to play but sounds cool
if you listen to Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols' solos, he uses a lot of high arpeggiated chords, unison bends and repeated motifs. The idea was usually to make as much noise as possible to fill out the sound left by an absent rhythm guitar.

Style is the main focus of a punk rock solo. Flashiness and speed are your enemies. Hit the strings hard.
i like to palm mute individual notes (roots) for the chord progression. start there and add higher bits and pieces here and there. then add some clean stuff in there. it all comes together better when you hear the root notes and it's bassy feel.