I've got a Jay Turser LP 200D now, but it's SUPER heavy and SUPER huge. The sound isn't heavy enough, but I'm not looking to change that with this guitar.

What I'm looking for is something:

-Action better suited for metal (That would be low, right?) and hammer ons and such.
-Cheap since this is just for a change of feel and a change of pace so I know what I really like when I buy a nice one next year. Max I'm willing to spend is about $350
-Doesn't sound WORSE than the Jay Turser. I'll be fine if they're about the same

I know, your first reaction is "go to a store and try em!" One problem with that, though. I'm heading back to college in a few days in Middletown, CT...and I have no car so there's only one local shop and they sell mainly basses and acoustics and a few Fenders. They're weird. Also, I know this is a silly idea anyway, but it's not a costly silly idea like buying a double neck for the lulz...

I was considering some of the lower end BC Rich models or Ibanez so you know what I'm looking for. If you could also direct me to a metal case for any non-standard body types, that'd be great too.

To start, has anyone tried these or heard awful, awful things about them?:


http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-Razorback-DB-Electric-Guitar?sku=514870 <-I don't normally support Dimesploitation, but it's on sale.



Also, if I end up liking the shape and don't want to shell out $1k next year, I'd probably slap some EMGs in whatever I get and call it a day.
What's your amp?

Providing that you have a decent amp already, I would stay away from low end B.C. Rich. Their mid and high end guitars are great, but they fail miserably at making good cheap guitars. Ibanez is good for cheaper instruments. The RG321 is an excellent low end guitar and should last you quite a while. Also take a look at Agile.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
Out of all those the Schecter is the best value. The BC rich is garbage, same with the Dean. The Ibanez is very decent, but has 'budget' EMG's. Look up Omen 6 reviews, they shine. I plan on getting one as a backup guitar if I ever end up gigging, lol.
I've got Vox AD15VT. Not terrible in my opinion. I can't really get something monstrous just yet as I'll be in a dorm this year, apartment next year and THEN I can go looking at a 6505 or something.

Oh man i totally forgot about Agile. Time to browse. Their prices always amazed me. I'll try to get to GC at least to try an Ibanez, then.
I suggest checking out the B.C. Rich Warlock NJ neck-thru series.
It's a great guitar but they are around $600 - 800.