Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you had some thoughts or opinions on the Breedlove AC25SR plus or AD25SR plus. I am in the market for a new acoustic and since they are on sale, they are now in my budget. I had the chance to play both and liked their tone and playability. I've never owned a smaller bodied acoustic, but i appreciate the comfort and focused tone they provide. Just wondering if it will leave wanting more in terms of volume later on. Thanks.
Breedloves are known to be pretty good guitars. you probably cant go wrong with one. just make sure you play them for a good period of time before really choosing. An hour for each guitar should be a good amount. I played my guitar in the store for about 7 hours before I actually bought it.
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They are both great guitars. If you are worried about volume levels, I'd go with the AD25SR+ as it should typically be louder than the smaller, concert body AC25SR
I got the AC25/SM last week (it's pretty close to the AC25/SR Plus, just a couple things that differ- the binding and the rosewood back and sides on the AC25/SR Plus) and it's amazing. It has great tone and it plays really well. It makes all of my friends' acoustics sound mediocre in comparison (according to them, anyway).

Either one you get, you should be really happy with your choice.
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Check out the AC250/CR (or SR if you like spruce instead of cedar) aswell. My local shop is bringing one in for me to try and I'm most likely going to buy it, but I'll have to wait and see. When I try it I'll give you a review of it, should be within the next week or so.
Thanks for the replies. I'm going to my local GC tonight to check out the Breedloves and some others. Might also check some 100 & 200 series Taylors and match them up against the Breeds. Who knows, I might end up comin' home with a new axe if one really lures me in. If i do i'll let ya know what i got and what my impressions are.
You may have seen my posts about my AC25/SR+. I have a problem with the height of strings in the nut side.
Check the action before you buy it.