Hey, I'm looking to sort out a band in the Swansea/Port Talbot/Neath/Bridgend area of South Wales.

Got far too many influences to start listing so I'd hazzard a guess at the band being experemental to say the least. Looking for all sorts of instrument players, I play bass, but that doesn't rule out having a second bass player, infact it would be a good excuse to buy a sub-woofer.

So basically what ever you play, how ever well you play it and what ever music you like playing (from the darkest of death metal to the most child friendly of pop and everything in between) give me a shout, as long as your musically open minded I think we can probably create a monster... The only thing I refuse to do is stick to one genre. Also I've got a pretty decent recording set up at home so online collaberation is also an option until other arrangements can be made.

Safe blaad, ini
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