First I'll just list my gear set-up: Fender Blues Junior tube amp (15 watts), Epiphone Les Paul Standard, Fulltone OCD.
This is currently the set-up i use when playing with my band, we've yet to play any live shows yet but will be soon most likely. Now my question is, how can i achieve more of an indie-rock alternative kind of tone? I get a pretty great blues tone i must say, and i do have a decent rock tone, but i'm looking for an Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, Interpol kind of tone. I have about 200 $$ at the moment and i was just looking for suggestions for pedals or anything that can help me mold a better tone?

Thanks for any help
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I would think something with single coils/p-90's would do a better job of getting you indie tones than a pedal.
Get a Mustang, Strat, Tele, Esquire, Duo-sonic, Jaguar, or Jazzmaster, and one fuzz pedal. That, plus your amp and OD, and you'll have billions of indie tones at your finger(boot)tips.
For $300 you could get a MIM Telecaster.

There's also squier for cheaper, but I've no experience with them.