Get the audio output on your SNES and get an adapter to plug it into the audio in on your computer. I can't remember the SNES outputs though.
OR you could just find a midi online... they are everywhere.
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Ner Ive tried, this ones impossible to find.

Tell us what song and we will try to help you.

vgmusic.com has a huge collection of midis, unless you really need the original one.
SNES cartridges have .SPC for sound files. google those along with a game title and you'll find em.

you'll need an SPC player to listen to them tho. (SNESamp i think)
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Oh, it's a ROM, right. Then get Audacity, set it to record your soundcard, and just play what you want recorded.
Thanks guy I figured it out, I dumped the .spc then convertered it into a midi.

However when I play the midi on wmp it sounds fine, but when I port it to GP5 one part doesnt sound right. What other program can I use to play the midi, i.e. show me the notes?