Being broke, I setup my 7 string Ibanez myself and ****ed it up. The tremolo is an Edge Lo-Pro 7 and I managed to tune the guitar, and adjust the spring tension so that the bridge is parallel with the body. I locked the nut and started playing, everything was great. But then I realized that when I used the tremolo, pulling it made the tuning change sharp and dive-bombing made it flat. The slightest touch to the tremolo makes the tuning shift either sharp or flat.

I learned from the internet that this is a problem with the knife edge being damaged and the trem posts as well.

My question is: where the heck are those parts located, what do they look like (labelled pictures?) and what can I do to fix the damn thing. I have yet play a Floyd Rose equipped guitar without experiencing ridiculous tuning problems. What a dumb invention these floyd roses are....


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guide to setting up floyd rose in electric guitar thread
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