Sorry if you've seen a thousand of these but...
im looking for a tube amp around 30 watts, i dont need much
i play mostly metal but ill need a good clean channel, preferably one that handles distortion/effect pedals well
my price range is up to $350 but could be more if needed
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Used B-52 or VK maybe? $350 is kinda low for a good metal amp, I think you should maybe save up a bit and try to get a used Randall RG50tc. I like my Hughes and Kettner 20 watt Edition amp, $360 used off craigslist and has a lot of gain on tap.
I'd go with either a Peavey valveking or windsor. both $400, valveking is 50 watts, and I think the windsor is 20 watts
Its hard to come up with a modern metal amp with less than 50 watts, and even harder to find one under 500 dollars. You are going to have to go used to get somthing decent, assuming you want a tube amp, which I recomend. If you could rasie your budget 50 dollars you could get a peavey ValveKing, not the best amp around, but really for the price it not a bad setup thats capable of metal, but its 50w.
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