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Me and a few friends are going to the theatre (Tuesday's half-off day) and we have a dispute of which movie to watch so I'll let The Almighty Pit settle it. Pineapple Express or Tropic Thunder?
Pineapple Thunder.

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Ben Stiller is a failure.. so Pineapple Express... at least you know you will laugh at that one.
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tropic thunder
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tropic thundahh!
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Mr Cuddles pretty much nailed it...

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1. Pineapple
2. Sneaking
3. Tropic
4. PROFIT!!!!!
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Ben Stiller is a failure.. so Pineapple Express... at least you know you will laugh at that one.


Tropic Thunder looks dumb as fuck. Plus I've heard they use the word 'retard' many times in a derogatory fashion, which I don't like.
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pinaple express sucks monkey ****, i watched it 2 times, once stoned, once not, either way it was barely funny
tropic thunder was really funny
but I haven't seen Pineapple express yet.
My friends said it was good though so you probably can't go wrong since they're
both supposed to be good
Well just looking to Rob Downey JR. version black looks really funny. Though you should see Wall-e. WAAAAELLELEEEE!