hey m looking forward to make my Custom Flying-V Jackson Randy Rhoads model

Could u guys suggest me wat should i get Maple Or Rose Wood Fretboard

Which Pickups should i get ..coz i want to play metal

Anything More ...
1. rosewood
2. EMGs or high output passives (duncan distortion, etc...)
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They stopped asking

id say EMGs or Seymour Duncan livewires for pickups
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Rosewood for the fretboard, and either EMGs or Seymour Duncan Blackouts
ebony fretboard, seymour duncun pickups, with a Jazz'r neck pickup, and dont forget the locking nut
Ebony fretboard (if u can get it) and either Blackouts or EMG's
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Ebony and Blackouts.

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Ebony would be nice, but its a little more difficult to work with than rosewood. (if you have little experience with fret work)

Maple is a pain because it must be finished. It's a lot of work to wetsand a maple fingerboard when you could've just oiled up that rosewood or ebony.

You want to play metal? Just get the EMG's. Doesn't matter what you build the guitar out of, it will sound metal.
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