Hey, I recently purchased a 120 Watt Line 6 Spider 3 less than a month ago, and am experiencing problems. Lights flicker without needing to. (i know some lights, like the tuner light and so on will blink, but i mean, the channel lights turn on progressively, without me doing anything. First channel 1 light, then 2 then 3 , u get the point.) I've also been experiencing a weird worn out sound, similar to a sound you'd get from a worn out 15 watt v-tone amp.

I am going to guitarcenter to either replace this line 6 with a new one, or exchange it for a fender 212 Frontman DSP. The fender has 2 12" speakers, the line 6 has 2 10" speakers.

Which one is better, and why? Quality, sound, versatility...

well I also recently bought a line 6 120 as well but i couldnt decide between the frontman and the line 6. I assume the fender has better cleans but not as good distortion and i mainly use heavy distort and i liked the presets so i went with the 120 but hey its your choice and playing the amps yourself is better than asking UG imho.
I own a spider myself but i've gotta say.. Fender is better because it's pure tone and not modeled tone like in the spider

but the Spider has FX and the Fender doesn't .
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I have no problem with my line 6, and most people bring them back because they dont have half a brain to work one, but tone ist always to great on a line 6, so id go for the fender

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Hey, I recently purchased a 120 Watt Line 6 Spider 3

There's your problem!
I'm surprised no one has said that both fender frontman and spider III's are utter crap. I'm not necessarily one of those people, seeing as I haven't played a frontman.

Best advice I can give you is to bring your guitar and try out a bunch of amps to see what YOU like. Don't limit yourself to fender or line6.
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well if u play more bluesy rock then fender but if u play really anything heavier than like eric clapton you'll have to either get the spider or save up for a good metal tube amp cause from the fenders amps i've played they dont have much distortion.
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what kinda sounds are you wanting to get out of the amp?

the fender could either be the perfect amp for you, or totally useless for what you need
What types of music do you play?
the Frontman wont be any better then your spider right now

Both amps are crap. Don't bother with either of them. If You don't need a larg amp to play in your room and if you go on stage with a 2x12 practice amp people will just laugh at you. If you are a bedroom player then a smaller verson of the spider or frontman could be good, but there are a whole bunch of other amps that may be better.

So do you need a good practice amp or a good stage amp? What type of music do you play?
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most people bring them back because they dont have half a brain to work one, but tone ist always to great on a line 6

I found this very interesting...
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They're both crap, the Spider is one step removed from a Fisher Price toy and the Fender sonds like garbage, passable cleans but atrocious distortion..

How much money do you have?
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