Yea My family has a lot of private property up in the mountains and I'm looking for something I can just throw in the car and is hella small. I don't want to take my large acoustic up there.
its a good little guitar, kinda hard to play cause it slides around alot, but there fun. you could also look at the baby taylor, its a little more, and has a more conventional body shape but its alot smaller.
looks kinda strange. Iv played the baby taylor and I think you should consider that as an option.
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i found that the washburn rover had better ratings
i have it and like the sounds
its a little difficult without a strap
but it comes with one and is fun to play
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There are lots of small guitars - hell, there's a whole category on Musician's Friend - but honestly, how is a full-size guitar not portable? My Taylor in it's bag goes with me everywhere barring movie theaters.
That's just it! I want to take mine into movie theaters!

I'll be getting a rover for Christmas...I was gonna get a Red Ryder Carbine Action BB rifle with a compass in the stock, but my wife said I'll shoot my eye out, so...