That would be an excellent choice.
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it's a good pedal especially for the price
a better grunge pedal will be a lot more expensive
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you mean that pedal?

and ive got a digitech metal master and it does the job, so im sure that one will too...
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its not really worth buying, it matters what bands sound you want to play grunge.
mudhoney: bigmuff
pearl jam: marshall voiced amp and wah
nirvana: well, i pull off a good nirvana tone with my big muff, but a marshall voiced amp would work better; the big muff is a tad too bassy, but a bystander couldn't tell the difference.

what kind of amp do you have?
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Yup, that's a good pedal, especially for the price.
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I have a VOX ADVT 30 watt

it may work then, because the vox takes pedals decently. you could go with a big muff, but its such a specific sound. but i advise you to try the grunge before you buy it. don't get a boss ds-1 because they're way too nasally sounding; i have one myself, and i never use it.
My Gear:
Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Strat
Vox AD30VT
Big Muff Pi.
I really don't think that's a great pedal for grunge - I can't speak for anyone else, but when I tried it, it was much more high gain (metal?). For grunge, a big muff can do passably well; That or a modded ds-1.