I have an Ibanez SGT122 it cost me 140.00, I love it. I bought it to replace my 40 year old El Degas which was falling apart. I know it costs substantially less than your budget but its worth a try.
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the takamine in my sig....$400...
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sounds ok, it atleast has a solid top...
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Don't buy an Ibanez acoustic. Thats a rule of thumb here.

I almost bought that same guitar until I found a different alvarez model for a steal on ebay. Its definitely a very good choice. The Takamine suggested is also a nice guitar. I believe Jim owns that guitar or did at one point, and its also a very good deal for the price.

If you weren't so stuck on a jumbo shaped body, my favorite 12 in that range might be the Seagull S12. I love that guitar and the sound isn't quite as twangy as those jumbos can be.

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i own a alvarez 12 stirng and i love it,alvarez makes great acoustic 6 and 12 strings
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