Hi, This is directed to anyone who OWNS a samick/greg bennet guitar. I was wondering how you feel about your guitar, do you think they are good quality... I personally have the Avion-3 and love it. just wondering considering how many Samick bashers there are...
I have a left handed Greg Bennet Samick Malibu. It's an ok guitar. It could be better. I think that it sounds best for blues though. I'm not a huge fan of the pickups. I'm thinking about putting in some strat pick ups.
To echoplex i was more interested in people who knew the company lol. but here this is samicks website they have a alot of different brands branched http://www.smcmusic.com/ and here is greg bennet's http://www.gregbennettguitars.com/.......

to I am the drake- its nice to see someone else who knows of the samick corporation... i bought mine a few years ago i think two years actually.... i hate how many bashers there are.
Yeah, I won't play anything other then my Samick Ultramatic 2...

Probably the most comfortable Guitar I've ever picked up and played right off the wall.

Pickups are crap but after the JB/Jazz install things are a lot better.

Seems to me that the company makes beautiful instruments but cut back on the electronic quality.

Don't really care what all the haters think of these Guitars but I'm totally impressed with mine after stage use. It's my main choice any time I play a show. I will always trust my UM2 to get the job done.

Esp is also good but I still prefer the Samick Greg Bennett Design's...
I own a samick warlock, and its a pretty nice guitar, I have had it for probably 8 years now, cant fault it!
samick guitars are one of the best brand in the world. Some samick models are crap but new models are very good. Made in Korea mades are good but chinese and Indonesian mades are crap
I've owned two Samick Warlocks, one of which I still have.

I also have an Ibanez GRX20 and have owned a Kramer and a genuine Vintage Gibson Flying V. Out of all of them, the Gibson was the best, but the Samicks both certainly came in a close second.

My son is also the very proud owner of a Warlock..
They sold some at a local shop were i lived. Never liked them. BUT, they had one model, it was like a sexy light metallic purple sparkle carved top SG Sexy as ****. But i could never get it to play because the amo they had there to play on sucked and the signal wouldnt get through. I actually think it was the cable. It was a cheap crate solid state so it would have sounded bad anyway.