today i played 3 sgs

faded gibson sg
gibson sg p90
and surprisngly my favorite, epiphone g400

the faded felt really crappy and light
the p90 was pretty mediocre sounding and mediocre feeling. weird neck
but the freaking epi was amazing it felt beter then the 1500$ gibson i was so impressed. plus it sounded better then my friends epi les paul (i nkow not that great but for 400 bucks its aiight)

i feel like if i threw some duncans in there it would be competitive with a gibson


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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

personally, i was thinking of getting the epi g400 myself. i haven't tried it yet though but it's definetly one i was considering.
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I love my mates G400, great guitar. The morale of the story is something that we've been piping around the internet for AGGGGES:

Try before you buy!
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