Hey guys, I just got a guitar center credit after I traded in my bass. Is there any way to trade that credit for cash.
I know! Buy a bunch of cords with 90 degree angles at the end for like $7 a piece and sell em for $12 bucks a piece..
how did you get the credit is it at guitar center or is it a little coupon thingy?
if its the coupon no. if you sold something and got credit for it your in tough luck again because usually when you sell something and put it in the store as credit they wont give you the cash for it becasue you chose the credit and they have to do more math because usually cash transactions lose you like 10% or something like that
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only if you bargain with GC enough so that they throw in a few extras with a guitar ie case strings, DVD and so on, then flog it all on ebay for more.
Nope, but you can try selling it to someone for like 10% lower then the cards worth if you don't want to spend it yourself. Friend of mine did that once.
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trade it for cash with someone who is about to buy something

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I didn't return it I was sick that day and my brother did it for me, I told him specifically to not get credit, but he did anyway. I think he knew I was thinking about getting new Gibson Pickups for my Goth sg, but Ill just spend there I guess?
I believe you can get them to write you a check for the credit. They can't give cash unless it's under $25. So, maybe phone ahead first to verify, if they can give you a check for the credit. If you don't want to, I'm going there tomorrow, I can ask what the policy is.