Hey, I am in the middle of the process of repainting my guitar, and I have a question.

Right now they guitar is paintless after having the paint removed from a very heavy duty paint remover (there were so many layers of **** on it I had to go hardcore). After I scrapped off the paint and globs of remover, I wipped the plain wood of the guitar off with some 100% mineral spirits (paint thinner) as the product instructed.

What I am wondering, is if anyone has any clue if this will affect the stain that I plan on putting on the guitar. My plan is to stain the entire guitar a slightly darker shade, and then paint a design on the top, so I dont want the wood to stain bad because of potential chemical residue.

Any previous experience or tips? Also, I dont know if washing it with water is an option or not, as the paint remover says washing off the remover with water will wash out all the color in the wood, but maybe not since I already washed it out with mineral spirits....

Well any help would be great, thanks.