I need to know what amp would be good that would make my guitar give a metal sound.

PLEASE reply with an amp that is 100-300 dollars!!!

I have a Fender Starcaster, its ****ty, it has three single coils, it was 200 dollars with a small 10 watt amp.
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Its going to be difficult to get a heavy sound out of 3 single coils and a 200 amp.

See, I have heard of the Roland Cubes on youtube and wasn't impressed with the sound I heard but who knows maybe they didn't have the settings I like, and how hard would it be?
Search craigslist every day, be open to trying different amps, research each potential amp but take reviews with a grain of salt. Try before you buy.
The Roland Cubes are very good metal amps for the price you pay. But I always rec buying used and saving 40% or more.
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I have the Cube and I like it. I play mostly metal too.

what kind of metal are you into, naming bands would help so I know what type of sound you get out of the roland cube.
200 DOLLARS?!?!?!?!
That was my first guitar, and I got it for 90!!!!!!!
Holy sh*t dude, you got ripped off!

Get a Line 6 Spider 3 mini amp! It's about 100 bucks.
Lots of metal settings.
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id go for a line 6 15w amp

Judging from your gear, that's not a surprise.
IMO the roland cube is a good practice amp that can crank out some good metalcore/hardcore tones. Also those single coils arent going to have the beefy low end of a humbucker. Id say to also look into those small seymour duncan humbuckers that fit into a single coil space.
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Yeah, what kind of metal are you looking for? Do you want to quake the earth and wake demons with your skull crushing rhythm? or are you trying to pierce the ears of the dead with you razor sharp leads? Are you trying to sound like someone, or a particular genre?
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