Hey I'm not too smart with all of boss's effects and I've mainly been messing with the presets. I am going to be playing Always With Me Always With You and I need some good solid distorion/overdrive sound and I just can't find it.

I use a gibson explorer with stock pickups and when I turn up the volume on my strings make noise unless you touch them and hold them from the slightest vibration. While soloing my hand will often rest on the strings but when my hand is moved off when i'm holding a note, all the other string make a loud noise like I played them. I don't know if there is a way I can turn that volume down and the volume of when I slide my hands over the string sounds like I'm doing a pick slide.

Can someone help me or give me settings to reduce this noise. I'm being as least sloppy as I can but when I get up to the higher frets on the explorer it's hard to play without getting this noise.
well, i'm not a Boss GT10 expert or even a Multi FX pedal expert so bump for ya.

from what you described, it doesn't really sound like a pedal problem. Did this only start happening after you got the GT10? Sounds more like a loose jack or shielding problem with guitar. Both are fairly easy to fix. Are you using with an amp? If so, what and is it plugged into a good solitary outlet that is not shared?

My Digitech RP has a noise gate function so you may want to look for something like that on yours just to see, but it sounds like something else is the culprit.

good luck
you should have got a podx3.

seriously maybe a loose jack :P
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A friend of mine has the same problem. Not the GT 10 , but another Boss product. make sure you have good cables. He uses cheap crap, but I plugged one of my planet waves into it this weekend and it helped out alot, but i don't think that's your whole problem. Check the mix and level of the effect your using and also what percentage of room volume your at. pretty sure the GT 10 has that (my XT Live does). I take it your using an amp model? May want to try a different cab model also and see if it changes. If you had a POD I could help you better. Sorry
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