Is it possible to buy a separate fretboard rather than having to pay for a prand new neck? The fretboard on my beginner bass is knackered but the neck is fine.
Its a stagg bc300, the neck is pretty much the same as a fender P in size and shape but they can go from £50! All I want is a peice of wood the shape of a fretboard (I converted it to fretless, the source of the problem tbh) but seeing as im crap with woodwork I cant make one myself.
concidering its a stagg, your probably best looking around second hand shops etc, see if you can pick up an old neck that fits. otherwise your gonna have a really nice neck on a £50 bass
twas £150 actually and was brilliant until i broke every aspect of it...

I looked on ebay ad i can get a neck and machine heads for £30 all together
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sounds like a plan

although for 30 quid he will probably end up with a pile of cack.

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A solution has presented itself! Though I am a cack handed cripple myself other members of my family are quite good with woods so I'll bully someone else into making one for me, its free and I wont lose the fretlessnessnessness.
I do have a new bass, but I have a habit of ****ing about with old stuff and making something new.